Getting an Estimate for your Stained Glass
Restoration or Repair

Here is a guideline of information to have ready for a basic estimate on your restoration project.
  • How many windows, and what are the sizes of each?
  • How high are they from the ground (Let us know if we need ladders¬†or scaffolding)?
  • How are they framed: Stone, Concrete, Wood, Plastic, or other? (Newer residential window often have plastic trim moldings).
  • What type of building? Church, Historical Registry, Public facility, School, or Residential?
  • Are there pieces of the window that have paintwork on them? (Such as hands, faces, flower details, etc.)
  • What time frame are you looking into starting and completing your restoration or repair?
  • Do you require assistance with out dated ?covers? in the form of aging plastic that is now difficult to see through?
  • We furnish referrals upon request.

For Historical and Antique Windows Only

  • How old are the widows?
  • Are there any historical records, photos, or documents available about the window?
  • Have they been restored or repaired before?
  • How is the restoration project funded: Insurance, Government, Historical Registry, or Self-Funded? (Our studio¬†can help you with paper work filings for Historical Registry Aid). Deposits are required before work can begin and final payment is due upon completion of the glass work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime- we are eager to assist you!

Please Note: This estimation guideline is to help you acquire an informed estimation only. All legitimate estimates are given after an ?on-site? inspections of the restoration only, and any price figures given via phone or email do not constitute a binding estimation.